N/S: Hines Ward - NFL's Hypocritical, Doesn't Care about Players

I don't agree with the NFL's stance on injuries....if they really care as they try to make it look they are, they would outlaw all the hits in the sport!.....period!

The hits are the 99% cause of all the injuries, no one can deny that! Legal, or illegal hits can, and do send players into early retirement, and in time those hits, legal, or illegal, have a devastating effect on the body, and head of these ex-players.

But if the players can't hit anymore, would that be harmful to the sport?....of course it would! The hits are the spices of the sport, without them, people won't attend the games, and it would quickly become the "boring league"....so hits will not be outlawed anytime soon.

But all the legal hits do just about that much damage on the head as illegal hits do....its just the matter of the position of the head.... a player by ducking his head, puts his head in harm's way, cause the defender, who aimed at the body, suddenly gets the head in the way of the hit, and it is impossible for the defender to stop at that point....the result is an illegal hit to the head....and players are penalized for it. Or here's another one I've seen many times...a defender hits another player legally at the body, and as the player falls to the ground, his head hits the turf causing a concussion.....a few of those will end the career of some players much too early. And those hits in time will and do have devastating effects on the head.....stopping them will ultimately will have to forbid hitting in all forms, if the league is serious about players safety.

Well I agree that it appears extemely daunting to attempt to control the violent nature of the game while striking a good balance between safety and excitement. But the visage of hopelessness is no excuse for inaction. It must begin somewhere. It's surely going to involve trial and error but it must begin. Steps are being taken to do what can be done and I'm certain that if one looks long enough what he seeks appears. Better yet, sometimes while searching for one thing you stumble upon something that-- even though it's not what you were looking for-- is better than what you first sought.

I agree with the League's action. I think that the most exciting aspect of the game is a break away play. One where the player gets open field and runs it all the way in for TD. That play-- many times-- has no contact. So to think that the only exciting thing about a game is to see someone knocked silly, to me, doesn't encompass all that's exciting about a game. There is plenty of excitement in a game on plays that don't involve the most violent of hits.