Cheering for other teams to beat the Falcons--do others have this pet peeve?

This is on my mind b/c of the last three Falcons games against the Ravens, Packers and Bucs.

Out of all the things about watching sports, one thing that gets me irrationally mad is cheering for a third-party team to beat a rival and having them screw it up.

If I am cheering for the Saints, and they play badly, well, that stinks, but that's part of cheering for a team. I'll be back next Sunday at 1:00 (Eastern) ready to support the Boys unconditionally.

But, when I am cheering for the Packers or the Bucs to just do me a freakin favor and smack down the Falcons, it galls me to no end to see them screw it up.

I mean, these are supposed to be good teams, right? People can't stop losing their minds over that God-like Raven's D. So, of course, they let the Falcons drive down against them like it is a JV practice or something.

Or Josh "Mr. Comeback" Freeman decides that throwing a pick during his Fourth Quarter comeback drive is awesome.

I think that my anger is two-fold. I rarely get to cheer--with my full heart and attention--for teams like the Ravens or (especially) the Bucs. So, really, when I commit to that, I expect them to hold up their end of the bargain and play like an NFL-caliber team.

In addition, I know that when the Saints have to play these teams, those teams will bring their A games and make all of the plays that they left on the field against the Clowns. Which seems, at the least, as unsporting.

And, of course, I can Hate the Bucs, etc. in a way that I could never truly hate the Saints.

Basically, I can handle almost all of the ups and downs of fandom just fine. My dogs and kids can be around me after a Saints lost without fear of flying remote controls or salty language getting in the way.

But, the level of anger and disgust I had when Freeman threw that pick yesterday was borderline scary. Especially b/c it was the third flippin' week in a row that some team decided to let the Clowns escape with an undeserved win.

So, the whole thing made me wonder, does anyone else have that reaction? Anyone else get more angry at random teams who refuse to play spoiler than you do at the Saints themselves?