Stats that matter IMO

Lets do an example of a quick look without getting too deep.

SAINTS vs Rams

Saints Offense Rankings
tied for 3rd on OYPP
10th on OPPP
Rams Defensive Rankings
Tied for 8th on DYPP
10th on DPPP

Quick Summary - Rams defense is better than it appears and can give the Saints offense trouble. Injuries in the secondary will cause the numbers to become worse if the safety and corner are out who are the 2 best players in the secondary for the Rams if not the whole defense. Another way is to see what the Rams stats look like on the road and check the Saints stats at home and compare. Conclusion- Saints offense is the advantage because at home and Rams secondary injured.

Saints Defense
Tied for 5th on DYPP
9th on DPPP
Rams Offense
Tied for 12th(which is horrible) OYPP
29th OPPP

Summary - Rams offense will have a hard time scoring in the dome. Offense is horrible and going against a top 10 defense at home with noise will be hard to overcome. Rams offense will have to maintain drives to stay competitive or it could get ugly.

OVERALL - They key will be turnovers in this game. If the Saints stay 0 or +1 they should dominate this game. If they are -1 or worse the Rams can make this close. The only way the Rams win the turnover margin is if the safety and cornerback for the rams play. If not it will not happen. Saints offense may struggle early but if the defense goes 3 and out often the Rams defense should wear down rather quickly due to lack of depth in the secondary allowing the passing game to open up for big plays.

Also the special teams for the Saints will be key. if the kickoff and punt team keep allowing good field position for the opposition it may make this game easier for the Rams to stay in striking distance by having field position. This puts the defense in bad situations and can allow a close game. Special teams is key.