Stats that matter IMO

If u tell me the rest of your formula then I will really find this post helpful. :9:

hehe. trust me it took me forever to figure it out. Its right infront of you. Trust me when i say right infront of you. Just think about it.

very would seem like the league rankings are less helpful when you take these numbers into account

They really are. I just hear a lot of people get caught up in what I call the ESPN and USA Today stats. All junk. You have to look at it with different angles. We can all add up total yards made and allowed to make a ranking but what defines an offense or defense is how was it done and what does it take to score.

I like your use of efficiency metrics rather than just counting. One thing, though. I would use points per possession as another key stat, both on offense and defense. If you factor in yards per possession, then you get a more robust effeciency metric.

Points per possession is another good one. I do like that one and do look at it. I even have a formula for it but find the ones I am showing are more accurate in the makeup of offense/defense. But it is a good one to look at and if you would make a ranking to average them all out and get a list of 1-32 then i would include it also. Great little stat especially in hoops.(wink)