Commissioner Goodell's letter to the fans (Discusses CBA)

Let me translate for you all.

Meaning: You all love football!! Thanks for that! Since you guys are so crazy about football we will continue to squeeze every penny out of you that we can. However to do so, we have to produce games. So you're **** right we're trying to get this done!

Meaning: My goal as Commissioner is to help our "teams and players". By "teams and players", I mean owners. We want the next decade to be the best yet. By best yet, I mean the most profitable. I'm ready to work day and night to make that happen.

Meaning: Still remember Tagliabue? Oh, I'll change the game even moreso until the NFL doesn't even resemble the league it was when Tagliabue ran it.

Meaning: We know times are hard, but hey YOU love football!! Which is why prices of tickets are going up exponentially and merchandise is even more expensive than it was 10 years ago. You spend money, I get it.

Meaning: NFL players deserve to be paid well. Unfortunately, economic realities are forcing everyone to make tough choices. If both players and fans give a little, we get a lot.

Meaning: Fans tell us they don't like the quality of the preseason games, and we're listening. Will we drop 2 preseason games? Yeah. Will we lose revenue? LOL, we're listening but we're not stupid! Instead of those 2 preseason games, we'll replace them with regular season games. The players "collectively" won't play anymore games, if we're counting practice squad guys players and guys who get cut in the large roster cuts that come in the last 2 weeks of preseason.

Meaning: Is it brash and arrogant of me to suggest I care about player health while simultaneously making changes to the season that will undoubtedly lead to more injuries? Yeah. It's not the health of players that concerns us. We must ensure the health of the league. Once again, by league I mean owners.

Meaning:This is all true, however, if this was really important to me, I would have said this a long time ago. Now, its just a pawn in the chess game.

I think it can be translated even more simply into:

Please don't leave us if we don't come to an agreement. We are afraid of what happened to other sports after bad labor disagreements.