Gulf coast beach front vacation - need ideas and suggestions

That was my first it loud? Does it actually feel private?

Brenn..tough for me to say with you going in will have to expect the usual traffic out front since it is a loft above a eatery..however this place isnt a wild saloon but they do have music at that time..nothing loaud thou..mellow/beach music.we were there in october when the red carpet is rolled up..the kids are in school and it's really nothing more than a blue-haired crowd...very peaceful

it's very ,very nice but i really do think it would be a bit too busy for you folks since you want alot of peace and serenity ..which is understandable.

me, i can swing the other way..with that bar being just a full staircase away my bride had to call down to the bartender to get me back upstaires. Food is great there and they have room service..but i think you would prefer a more secluded place..let me talk to my bride since she knows every knook and crannie there..maybe she can be of help..but a small cottage on the beach might be a problem for you since after april..people usually expect you to rent for a full week...

p.s.-orange beach is nice and you can't beat the rates..might want to check that out..

good luck