Possible NFL Records for Colston

Since Colston was a bright spot in the loss, I decided to look up some of the NFL rookie records for receiving. This is what I got.

Colston's stats through 9 games: 54 catches, 869 yards, 7 TDs

Most Catches in Rookie Season: 101 - Anquan Boldin, ARI, 2003 (Colston's pace: 96)
Most Yards Gained in Rookie Season: 1,473 - Bill Groman, HOU, 1960 (Colston's pace: 1,545)
Most Touchdowns in Rookie Season: 17 - Randy Moss, MIN, 1998 (Colston's pace: 13)

I'll throw in some possible NFL records, rookie or not.

Most Yards Gained in Season: 1,848 - Jerry Rice, SF, 1995 (Colston's pace: 1,545)
Most Consecutive 100 Yard Games: 7 - Michael Irvin, DAL, 1995 (Colston's has 3 consecutive games right now)

Out of all these, the most one he's most likely to break is the Yards Gained in Rookie Season. He's got a good shot at Most Catches in Rookie Season. The other 3 are unlikely, but the man has continued to suprise me week after week. Also, if the defense plays as bad as it did today, we will have to throw a lot, meaning even better stats for him.