The Saints now have the leagues 3rd ranked offense

We are behind Philly and Indy for the 3rd ranked offense in the NFL. We are averaging 378.8 yards per game. Indy is averaging 379.2 yards per game and Philly is averaging 390.2 yards per game.

Next week Indy is playing at Dallas while we get the Bengals at home. We could easily move up to 2nd next week. Philly is playing Tn at home and I don't think we can catch them in the next couple games since they play Indy the following week.

Not bad for a team that has a QB with a bum shoulder, no TE, a washed up RB, a rookie bust, an old veteran WR and a 7th round pick mixed in with a terrible offensive line.

Pssst, hey defense, your not holding your end of the deal.

a rookie bust?????? a washed up RB???? *** Duece has been playing good, and Reggie isnt a bust:cussing: