Joe Horn on Marques Colston:

I like Joe and I hope he can stick around but unless he agrees to restructure his contract, I am not sure he'll be here.

Nothing Joe has shown since he's been here leads me to believe he is anything other than a team player. Equally as important, N.O. is his adopted home, and he loves the fans.

Sure, money is very important to him, and his family's security and future is as well (it is to all of us), but it's hard to imagine Joe not being willing to re-structure his contract, if that's what it came down to... And I dont think it would be next year anyway - he deserves to get paid next year for what he's meant to this franchise... I think Mickey and Rita know that also.

If we're sitting on the brink of a SB next year (and I believe we will be), Joe's presence will be an important part of that. I would be shocked if he wasn't a part of this team in 2007, and more importantly, disappointed in the Saints front office.

Mickey Loomis is not Jim Finks (Bobby Hebert), and Sean Payton is not Jim Mora (Morten Anderson) - Old Schoolers will know what I'm referencing here.