What will it take for the season to be called

a success. Now that we are 5-1 the bandwagon has grown to the point where everyone is now saying anything less than a playoff would be a dissapointment. Personally I think other things would make the season a success. Here is my qualifications for a successful season -- Anyone else care to chime in?

I am less concerned about our overall record from here until the end of the season. Here is what I want to see the rest of the year

A team that never quits -- that plays hard every down
A team that plays as a team even under adverse conditions
A team that plays with discipline, heart and passion
A continued display of leadership by Drew Brees
A continued display of coaching techniques
I want to leave the season with a renewed sense of hope not a false one

I guess what I am saying is the same team I saw in the first 6 games -- No matter what the final record is I feel we have been successful. I like the teamwork I see.

Congratulations Saints -- you have given me the feeling we are moving in the right direction -- now go out and kick some raven butt