NFL Access

Don't know if this is a repost but I was watching NFL Access this morning (I think a repeat from last night) and they had two things of interest.

The first was a real good segment on Marques Colston and how he was a long shot his whole playing career and how he lost his father when he was 14 (this and his close knit family made him into the man he is today). Really a humble and well respected person. WE LUCKED OUT BIG TIME. I only see good things for this kids future. Hopefully it's all to the Saints benefit.

The second item was a segment about Bush done by Marshall Faulk. Marshall broke down a few of Reggie's run's and the main problem with the runs has been that Reggie is missing his cut-back lanes and instead tries to break it outside. Marshall also pointed out that Reggie is carrying the ball too far away from his body which is contributing to his fumbles. Marshall basically finished up with his hope that Reggie can get these problems corrected or else he will not have the success that we all think he can.