U.N. sleuths find plutonium at Iran atom site: IAEA

It just seems to me there is no need to frame a guy that is more than happy to tell you that he's guilty as sin.

As you have said, it makes perfect sense for Iran to pursue nuclear weapons.

The only question left is what the rest of the world is willing to do about it. Answer: not much. :dunno:

I would want one if I were them.

The need to reinforce the doubt is to create the conditions for the pre-emptive strike.

A covert operation could do that.

If the program exists, there is no clear evidence of it, or else Condi Rice would have gone to the UN with here own Power Point and slide show to lay it out.

Absent the evidence that proves the existence of the programs, there is the desire to create full acceptance of the idea that it must be there anyway. This puts Iran, like Iraq before it, in the position of proving a negative -- proving that something DOES NOT exist, which they can't do.

Cue the bombers.