Statistically we are better?

I know this means nothing but it does show that if we play our game we win.
1.We have scored more points and allowed less.
2.We allow less first downs.
3.We average mmore yards and allow less per game.
4.We allow less and get more sacks.
5.We win the time of possesion battle.

Total Offense
Saints 3 Cincy 12

Total Defense
Saints 15 Cincy 27

We will be able to run on them with Duece and Reggie inside and out and that is how we can win. I do not doubt that we can win a shootout but if we pound the ball and get off the field on third down we can win by tiring them down. Watching Chad and Palmer on the sidline for 10 min in the third quarteris the perfict way to beat them and I am sre that Paytonwill have our guys ready to grind the ball.

The Saints game plan for Sunday? It sure looks like it.

I have said several times that Cincy's O, while potent on paper, has only shown up twice this year scoring over 30 points - once in a win and once in a loss. They are to be respected, but not feared. I don't see the shootout many are predicting.

The Saints will only get into a shootout when we play a high octane O, and turn the ball over, giving our D a short field to defend.

The most telling thing in your post was their D's rating - 27.

In our house, with our O, and with no mistakes, I think you're absolutely right. We can keep Palmer and Co. off the field for a very long time...