Check out big brains on Saints, who drew own Brees conclusion

I personally think bringing in Brees was a no brainer. If your going to pay a QB a contract fo 6 years 60 million it might as well be a young 2 time Pro Bowler with an excellent off the field attitude, leadership and a proven winner over a rookie. Even if the rookie is not a bust it would likely be his 3rd year of that expensive contract before he ever started putting up Pro Bowl number (if he ever did). Not only do you get a Pro Bowl QB but you maintain the 2nd overall pick in the draft.

Not only that but Payton's system and Brees is like a match made in heaven. I don't buy for one second that the Dolphins didn't want Brees over Culpepper. They simply were not in a position to match the contract offer that the Saints gave Brees because of the salary cap.

The real credit goes to the front office for making the smart move when they could have easily saved a couple bucks and drafted a QB. Then even more credit for waiting out Brees' decision. They could have easily said forget it and spent that time and money going after other free agents and then draft a QB.

It was perfect timing for Brees to hit the free agent market. A year earlier and the front office is still sticking with AB. We also were very fortunate that the other teams in the NFL were dumb enough to pass on him. I am still shocked the Jets, Browns and the Lions did not make a serious run at Brees.