Check out big brains on Saints, who drew own Brees conclusion

I still don't buy the medical excuse. Saban saw the same test results we did. He talked to Dr. Andrews who said full-recovery with 90 to 95% of his strength back this year and 100% next. Drew Brees performed the exact same on the physical for the Saints and the Dolphins, which was ahead of his rehab schedule. Either Miami has the single dumbest most idiotic medical staff known to the history of sports medicine or they passed of Brees for other reasons.

I don't disagree with you. But they have stood by that, even into the season. Miami Herald article, from 21 Sept 06:

The Dolphins studied their medical reports on Daunte Culpepper and Drew Brees during their mid-March hunt for a franchise quarterback and came away with the belief that acquiring either offered risk and reward, but Culpepper was the safer pick.


''Let me just say this,'' Dolphins coach Nick Saban said Wednesday in addressing the subject directly for the first time, ``It was a medical decision. I don't think medicine, personnel or any of that is an exact science.

``I think we have good, professional people in that area. I think they made the best judgment they could make at the time relative to the circumstances. No one could predict the future. It is what it is right now.''


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Kinda funny, Saban totally contradicts what Loomis, Brees, and Dr. Andrews have said all along about the shoulder actually being stronger than before.