If after this week we are 1 out of the last 4...

This Sunday is truly a critical game for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which is the level of confidence that fans and players will have if we go 1 win out of the last 4 games. (With the only win being at the expense of the hopeless Bucs)

So IFthe unthinkable happens and we take another game on the chin,

how will you be able to rectify it it you own mind, and of what will the losing skid be an indication???

Does the losing mean anything at all? :scratch:

Such skids happen. The Giants were 1-2 to start the season and toast. They win 5 games straight and were the best team in the NFC and one of the best in the NFL. Then they lose to the Bears.

The Eagles had lost 3 straight before they blew the Redskins out last week, meanwhile Green Bay is 3-1 the past 4 games.

As individual snap shots, such stretches are meaningless. I wouldn't panic if the Saints lost and went to 6-4. That's still just as easily followed by a 4 game win streak (Atlanta, San Fran, Dallas, Washington) and we're at 10-4 fighting for a first round bye. Or maybe not.

The game is important I think from a mental standpoint. You don't want the team to begin to doubt itself. But objectively it's just another game, and since we aren't going 13-3 it's not the end of the world if we lose.