Snow...when it's 46?

Yeah, they get that up in the midwest a lot. It has something to do with the temperature of the air at certain levels (maybe a cold layer just above the ground, i'm not that good).

I was looking at a sat loop this morning and it looked exactly like the back side of a low that you would see in winter with some flurries behind it.

FWIW, I wouldn't worry about a long or cold winter. We're in quasi-el nino anyway. Chances are, it will get cold, but mostly the cold won't last but a day or two as overrunning steering out of the SW will serve to modify most of the coldest air. (Caveat: I haven't looked at anyone's winter predictions from this year, just going on personal history).

I'm not sure how the mini-nino is going to affect us. All I know is this year's weather patterns (since spring at least) have pretty much mirrored 2000 and the 2000-2001 winter season was brutal (by my MS Gulf Coast thin blood at least).