The Real Cost of Attending a Football Game(infographic)

I think these stories are overhyped to be honest. If you were a true Saints fan from the as recently as the Haslett era you could still to this day own $25 season tickets. You could still park for free in tens of thousands of spots within 3 miles of the Superdome and walk to the game for no cost. You can eat at Wendy's, Krystal, Napoleon House, etc. before the game and have a nice meal for under $10 apiece. You could sneak in a flask of liquor if you have to drink, and if you don't your wife/girlfriend would have at least a 75% success rate of sneaking in a couple of bottles of water or soda if she brought the right kind of purse or sweater.

One of the best things about New Orleans is that it's legal to walk while holding alcohol, so you can bring a few beers or make a really large cocktail/daquiri to enjoy from the walk from your car to the Superdome.

I think people like to complain rather than get creative. I personally sit in the club seats at Saints games, but I usually don't spend a DIME other than my ticket. I park for free, I sneak a flask in, and I don't eat overpriced and bad food (even in the club levels it's mediocre at best).