What will it take for the season to be called

In my book, this year has been a success already. I now am a bit 'greedy' and hope that we can reach the playoffs and that would be an unbelievable end to a tremendous season. I know also that we are going to at some point hit some rough spots and with our remaining schedule will lose some games. If that hapens I am going to give Coach Payton and GM Loomis the benefit of the doubt, even if they hit some rough times.
I have been around like so many since day one in 1967 and I can honestly say that I do see light at the end of the tunnel - and I don't think it is a train!

Interesting question. Relatively speaking, I would have been happy with a 6-8 win season--and I still would.

But I think this team has raised the bar already.

It's going to be real, real interesting to see this team lose a few games; I'm interested to see how coach Payton and the players react.

One of the criticisms of Haslett's teams is that they didn't know how to handle success and that the team was relegated to mediocrity.

Winning five games only to really collapse would be disappointing, and raise questions which resurfaced during the Haslett regime.

Even if the Saints don't reach the playoffs, I don't want see blowouts--I want to see losses like the Carolina game. I want to see the Saints playing sound, smart, fundamental football lose (when they lose) to a team which simply plays better.

The Haslett teams more often than not just beat themselves and played really inconsistent football.

In short, I want to see more of the same, even if the Saints lose a few more games.