Our new 3-4 defense in nickle and dime situations...

I think we have good discussions about which players may get the starting positions in our new 3-4 allignement, but let's understand that on this we are talking mostly first down.

With the enfasis on throwing the ball, defenses are subject to play more on nickle and dime packages most of the time.

I think of 3 interesting things that may happen then:

I think both Lofton and Hawthorne are the main candidates to start as inside linebackers, with Martez Wilson and Junior Gallete rushing from the outside.

1) On nickle and dime situations, with two linebackers staying for coverage, I can see Martez Wilson and Roman Harper taking those assignements. Wilson may be our best bet as a coverage linebackers as of now, and Harper may slide in the position, as he did last season.

2) If we only keep one linebacker for coverage, Martez then may be the guy. For that reason it is crucial to get at least another rush linebacker.

3) I wonder if Lofton's role will be reduced, I don't think he will be a 3 down linebacker in the new formation. I wonder if he will be the appropiate player to have the communications system with the defensive coaches.

Maybe it is too early, but I think it is an interesting discussion to have.