Our new 3-4 defense in nickle and dime situations...

when u run a 3-4 and then u run nickel or dime u have a 4-2 alignment, the ends kick in to DT and the olb go to the line of scrimage acting as standing up defensive ends rushing the passer

nickel 4-2-5
re galette
dt cam
dt hicks
le tez
lolb lofton
rolf hawthorne

in the dime u ussually take ur best defensive end and put him at nose in a 3-2-5 alignment soo
RE galette
DT jordan
LE tez
LOLB lofton
ROLB hawthorne

but i do see gallette being better in a 4-3 because he is better with his hand in the dirt, look for us to draft a super fast outside blitzing linebacker like jarvis, dion jordon, mingo, or ansah to replace gallette and be our starting ROLB, just my opinion