Cam Cameron Presser

Cliff notes:

Cam basically said that he is not coming in to tear down LSU's offense and rebuild it. He thinks we're good but good isn't good enough. He will emphasize what we do well and try to help the things that need improvement. He will build on what is already there. He will challenge everyone to get better. In particular with Zach he wants to find out what things he's good at and build on that. He isn't planning to give Zach yet another system to try to learn. But at the same time he does want to try to push Zach's limits and help him improve. Is excited about recruiting; thinks our recruiting staff is second to none. Planning to work a lot with Krags, in fact looking at film with him this afternoon. Thinks it will be a smooth transition, no hurt feelings with Stud or anybody else. Plans to lean on them for advice and find out where he can contribute most effectively. He sounds very excited and enthusiastic and I think that will rub off on the players.

If I find a video of the PC I'll post a link here later.

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