DJ Swearinger (FS) - South Carolina

Ya, Swearinger is dope! I like him too. I also like Phillip Thomas from Fresno St. I think Thomas secretly has the best ball skills of all the Safeties in this years class. Dude, theres a bunch of DBs this year. I think we could land a quality guy as late as the 5th-6th round. As great as Vaccarro is, theres guys who are equally as good in the later rounds. I still consider Vaccaro the best, but Cyprien, Thomas, Swearinger, Elam, Rambo and Reid are not far behind. The only difference is, do you take Vaccaro in the 1st, or one of those guys in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th? Its a matter of how much we value Vaccaro to the others.