Cam Cameron Presser

I think he's a very solid hire. You can't coach that many years in college and the NFL without having something to offer. He's probably the best that we could have hoped for given Les Miles history of churning out eye burningly awful offenses. He does have some cache with QBs on his resume and his history with Drew Brees will be a bloody goldmine with QB recruits in the Saint's market.

Plus he has an epic history with Les Miles, so if anyone has the cajones to tell their boss to shut up, I'm guessing it's someone that was in his wedding.

I also like the idea of moving Kragsthorpe to an admin job. I think once the NCAA loosens up the rulebook on recruiting coordinators, etc... then we're going to have the best friggin recruiting coordinator EVER with this guy! Dude needs the health insurance at this point I'm sure, but clearly still has plenty left in the tank to dial up an 18 yr old and talk them into coming to LSU.

With a little luck and a whole lot less of Les Miles commanding the offense... this could actually work out really well for LSU. This guy is not the ferrari of OC's, but ferrari's can be pretty unreliable from what I understand. This dude is probably a really nice Toyota or Lexus... he'll get the job on a consistent basis. Day in and day out. Probably what we needed.

If Nick Saban hadn't have won 3 of the last 4 national titles, I'd probably be a lot more excited. At this point, I'm not sure there's any stopping Nick Saban beyond scandals, tons of player injuries, and some other just plain bad luck. That's not a knock on Les Miles or any other coach... I'm just wondering if you're a 5 star recruit, how the hell do you turn down Nick Saban at this point?

But Les Miles tends to keep finding the diamonds in the rough, so hopefully this will help keep us in the race and eventually take home a few more of the big boy trophies.