Victor Butler

rush backer and im hoping we go for him instead of Anthony Spencer. Cheaper and Younger...knows Ryan's system and could be the 3rd rusher @ worst or could start if Tez/Junya don't pan out as OLB's.

Would also give us some leeway to not draft an OLB with our 1st pick.

I know guys are screaming OLB but the purpose of switching to a 3-4 is so that you can find tweeners later in the draft. Id prefer we sure up the line first. Richardson/Floyd if either is available and then get a passrusher in the 3rd/4th.

Whts the use of having one of these speed guys if the QB can just step up in the pocket. Inside pressure is more important and we haven't had anyone that can bring inside pressure in a while. That was supposed to be Ellis job but he never gave us consistency there. Id like to address that first...then look for guys that can work the outisde. The draft is filled with enough of them that u don't have to take a Dion Jordan or Ezekiel Ansah with our 15th.