Victor Butler

I was having similar thoughts that bringing someone like this in might give us more leeway to go BPA. I was thinking offensive tackle in the 1st round and using Bunkley at the nose, seemed like he excelled there with the Broncos. Would be nice to have a bonafide stud at rush backer but even a 1st round pick isn't a guarantee as we've seen. Seems like you have a better chance getting a stud off tackle in the 1st.

This is my opinion but its a strong opinion....Charles Brown was a former 2nd round pick. That was considered a steal where we got him. Each year he has gotten progressively better...he just can't stay healthy.

With that being said none of the injuries have been really serious and our team is IR happy. I think Bushrod will be allowed to walk and we will sign a 2nd tier LT to come in and compete with Brown.

Remember we don't value the tackle position THAT much and the remedy for our offensive line not giving up so much pressure isn't to get better to players...necessarily. We could just run the ball a little more. Its also not the same case that we had with Nicks last year. We didn't have any depth behind him...Charles has been used as a swing tackle behind bushrod for years now and he knows the system. So its the next man up mentality@ this point. That would be Brown.

As far as your suggestion of going LT early id be ok with that...if theres a time to get a Franchise LT and not have to worry about it crippling your salary cap like in years past it would be now.