How high will Terron Armstead rise?

Who was that tackle a couple years back that ran a great forty and everyone projected him 8th overall to the Raiders but ended up going in like the 3rd round?

The combine, in particular the forty, is best used as a measuring tool to help answer question marks but can't be used as the primary one.

Bruce Campbell. He actually ended up being selected by the Raiders, but in the fourth round not the first :hihi:

Maryland is, apparently, the NFL combines dream school. Vernon Davis, Heyward-Bey, Campbell, etc. I think the problem Campbell had was he played at a decent school. He was terrible and people knew it. You could see it in film. You pretty much had to pretend he wasn't awful.

Terron is a bit more like Poe, in that the lower level of competition allows these NFL teams top our all their hopes and dreams into the player and judge them more just based in athletic ability. Actually Terron even much more so than Dontari Poe.

I think he'll jump up in the draft,