OTL: on goodell this morning

Wow man.... Stuff is getting real. Ayodele responded:

"OMG just heard about Hargrove on outside the line ***** REALLY kid u that broke?? I'm the reason u missed a whole year?? ... get real kid ur done I said NOTHING nobody on the team did I'm still trying to figure out this bounty what's he talking bout?"

"Hey Hargrove if you need a job hit me up on my Facebook, Instagram, or my twitter lol I'm hiring right now as we speak ... Next time you play football for 8 years put a Lil money up for a rainy day.. But as we can tell you did NOT.,"

"All I remember from that year was playing for a great defensive coordinator, play hard hard football, winning NFC Championship, ... And winning a Super Bowl for the New Orleans best year of my Damn life!! Hey Hargrove get real kid..."
Remi Ayodele fires back at Anthony Hargrove's claim stemming from New Orleans Saints bounty scandal | NOLA.com