Amber Alert a few days ago


I'm not saying a tattoo should eliminate any concern or make someone ineligible for amber alerts. I always just think about strange men, candy and vans when I think about amber alerts. Then again, it is pretty clear this woman wasn't immune to the temptation of candy.

Just sounded an aweful lot like a teen being a teen.

Here are the guidelines to issue an Amber Alert.
AMBER Alert - Guidelines

1) Law Enforcement has to confirm an abduction.
In this case the girl willingly got in the car of her boyfriend.
definition of abduction

She wasn't removed and she wasn't forced. So how did Law Enforcement confirm an abduction if no abduction ever took place.

2) Risk of serious bodily harm or death
Girl was found willingly hanging out with her boyfriend at his house and meets Texas' age of consent laws.
How did law enforcement assumed bodily harm or death? Has riding in a car become that dangerous?

3) Sufficient description information

4) Age of child must be 17 or under

5) NCIC data entry.

Off the same Department of Justice website

Pretty sure that sums this case up perfectly.

Force doesnt have to mean physical force. Boyfriend in question could have said go outside and get in the car or I'll take away your twinkies, who knows. Maybe there is some LE sensitive info about the BF. Lot of factors.