LSU draft prospects

Since the Saints sent people to LSU's pro day I figured i'd make a post about some LSU players.

Kevin Minter reminds me of Jon Beason from the Panthers before his injury. Ive watched Minter play a lot and of course, ive seen Beason plenty too. Beason was about to be a star before that injury set him back.

Minter had around 25 tackles against the Gators this past season. He is an animal and a tackling machine and gives 100% on every single play. Ive watched him play at LSU since his freshman season. Hes going to end up being the best MLB in this entire draft, hands down. Whoever drafts him, will be getting a pro bowl MLB for a decade.

Hes also pretty good in coverage. So he'll be an every down MLB. He was the only LB on LSU that Chavis trusted to be out on the field on 3rd downs.

IMO he goes to the New York Giants at pick #19. Minter is going to end up being one of the steals in the mid/later half of the 1st round that everyone else before them wish they had drafted. All of that Manti Teo business can get out of here regarding the Giants. If Minter is there, hes going to wear blue.

That isnt an LSU homer talking, its an LSU fan that knows Kevin Minter is a great MLB whether he wore that Tiger jersey or not.

As far as Mingo goes, he is one of those high risk / high reward guys. There is no in between with him. You are either gonna have a home run on your hands or another Vernon Gholston. I loved Mingo in College, but to me, for as much talent as he does have, he should have taken over games a lot more than he did and threatened the all-time LSU sack record, which he didnt. The same can be said about Sam Montgomery to be honest. Those two guys should have dominated a lot more than they did.

^And that is exact reason that i'd rather have Jarvis Jones over Mingo. Yes, im an LSU fan and i'd rather have that Georgia Bulldog on my Saints defense. I think what you see is what you get with Jones.

Anyway, Kevin Minter is the prime-A LSU prospect in this draft followed by Honey Badger (if he can straighten himself out) and Eric Reid. I also feel like Chris Faulk *could* turn out to be a solid LT for some team.