Baby boy will be here any day now...

With 2 little ones in the past three years I agree with most that has been said.

Routine is key if you ever want peace again.

Use the nursery. Do not feel like a bad parent asking that he stay in there. Your wife will have gone through quite a lot. You and nurses can focus on her needs and sleep during this time.

Swaddling is phenomenal

We had a sheep from Toys R us with the soothing sounds. The three year old digs the rain and the one year old digs the heart beat.

Read to them, as much as possible. It makes a world of difference in their comprehension.

Pay special attention to your ride home from the hospital. It will be the most caustious you have ever driven in your life. You age instantly wondering why everyone is in such a hurry and driving so crazy!

Enjoy it. It is remarkable how much my boys have changed my life and I wouldnt have it any other way.