So how good will LSU be this next season?

Well the big questions for this year are O-line, D-line, and QB maturation.

Our O-line from LT-C is gonna change. They are giving Collins a chance to win the spot, which leaves LG and C up for grabs. They have been trying Pocic a LT recruit out at C. The right side should be great with our two youngsters returning.

D-line all our DE's are new or very young and inexperienced except Rasco who didn't play much last year. Our DT's I think will be very good though.

I pray Mett developed patience and confidence since last year. The kid has talent but doesn't show it consistently. If he can take command and lead our offense then we will go far.

The only two other questions I have is will someone stand up and take charge of our #1 WR. We didn't have a dominate WR last year that Mett could go to in an emergency. Also, who is gonna replace Minter at MLB?