Tankless Water Heater Q?

I looked into it a few months back when my tank sprung a leak. I could easily afford the new tankless heater itself, however, I quickly learned how much of a pain in the butt it is to retrofit from a tank heater to a tankless. The extra costs add up very quickly and could turn into a huge project. For me, and for most people, it's not worth it. If you are creating a new utility room, or if your current utility room is in the garage and unfinished, it might be worth it to you.

#1) You will probably need to replace the entire vent system for a tankless heater. The tankless heater heats up so much faster it creates a lot more steam. You will need to replace your current venting with all stainless with a drain system.

#2) A tankless heater needs a larger gas line than a tank heater because it requires more BTUs. Odds are you will have to replace your current gas line with a larger one or run a new larger gas line. This could mean sheetrock work depending on your current line is run. Plus you will need to pay for gas pipe and that could be a large costs depending on how far away your main feed is.

#3) If you are going electric and not gas (I had an extra electric outlet as I switched to a gas dryer) you need a different type of circuit than a dryer or tank heater. I would have had to run a whole new electric line back to the panel. I don't remember the exact details because by that point I was disgusted and just decided on a new tank heater

Hope this helps. If you do put one in, please let me know about your experience. Someday I still hope to have one instead of a tank heater.