Todd McShay the most accurate mock drafter over the last 3 years

I despise Mayock. I read his writings and listen to him speak and am often baffled by his analysis. Hayden as the #1 CB in the draft. I like his film - he's a very solid player, but #1??? That's just one example.

The myth of players "rising and falling" in the final days as the draft nears is just that, a myth. The truth is, all that's happening is that analysts' reports and rankings are becoming more and more accurate based on what's being revealed to them by scouts and team sources.

You better believe Mayock isn't just suddenly putting Hayden as his #1 CB because of something he all of a sudden saw on film. No, he's suddenly risen that high because the information he has in his ear from scouts and his team sources is becoming a more and more clear picture and teams' final findings are being revealed to him; the once blurry polaroid negative has finally transformed into a fully developed photograph, and now it's being shared with us.