Special Request from my Saintserport friends

My neighbors kid recently joined the Air Force. I've always been particularly close to him and I feel as if he is one of my own kids heading out into the world. We have always played pranks on him and I think I have a pretty good one but I need help. I am asking everyone I know to mail him a letter or send him a post card tomorrow. Doesn't have to say much, just Good luck or whatever comes to mind. Include a P.S. that says "John made me do it." Feel free to share with anyone you know. I think it would be awesome if he got this massive mail dump in a one or two day period, and I remember in boot camp it was always great to get a letter at mail call. Thanks guys.

AB Flint, Luke R
331st. Trs/Flt 421 (dorm B9)
1320 Pruemper St. Unit 369573
Lackland Airforce Base,Tx 78236-6409