I've had it since 1997, no regrets here.

Not sure why you are seeing porn everywhere, there is a block of channels in the 500's reserved for adult channels. You can delete them out of your guide list, just like any other channel you don't want.

The recent software update now allows instant viewing of on demand shows, no longer having to wait for the download.

There has always been an issue with speed, but most of the HR-2X receivers have had software updates that speed them up some, and the new receivers are very fast compared to older models.

Not saying they don't have their flaws, but all the carriers do IMO, so far me, the fact that I can't get anyone else in my area cheaper added to the Sunday Ticket, I've remained loyal all these years. The other reason is because 3 times after hurricanes, I was up and running as soon as I restored power via generator or power comp. while on all 3 occasions, cable was out for 5-10 days after the storm. That alone keeps me from even considering cable in my area.