DTV Is awesome except for these few things

Sometimes (not often in my experience, but sometimes) heavy storms knock out the signal. It happens about as often in frequency as my cable internet being out, but for different reasons obviously. Unfortunately this has happened during Saints game(s) the past couple years (:aargh:).
Their receiver is kinda slow. Doing search by "typing" in the name is a slow pain, but eventually it gets you there. I think a lot of the time the slowness is due to getting data from the satellite or internet.
Just moved and now it takes 3-10 seconds to switch from one channel to another. It wasn't like that before so not sure what the problem is...

But they have Sunday Ticket so that outweighs everything else.

BONUS: this year I get Sunday Ticket (the full-shebang version) FREE because I just moved. SCORE!