playoff turnover

I see the AFC as follows in no particular order:

Patriots (never count out Brady)
Broncos (two words : Peyton Manning)
Texans ( there passing game will be improved and there defense monstrous)
Colts (oline was young last year and got better.)
Bengals (yup. I have no faith in the Ravens next year, and with the deoarture of Wallace, Roethlisberger lost his best weapon. The defense also lost there best corner and best pass rusher)
Steelers / Chiefs (see above for steelers, this is a wild card pick. Say what you want, but Reid is a great coach. Smith will find Reids west coast offense. But the defense is in question.)


Saints (Two words: Sean Payton)
Packers (Rodgers)
Bears (the D is sick, and Kromer will have that oline much improved. Cutler finally gets protection)
49'ers (Rams could take division- Keapernick will slumo but the Defense is so good it will carry the offense.)
Falcons (I love watching em lose in the.playoffs)
Redskins ( they out do the g-men, and lets be honest. Vick led Eagles or Romo led Cowboys aren't a true threat for a full season.)