QB by committee?

good point, but how many QB's are floating around the league that aren't closers, that are just "you'll have to do for now"? or even look at the vikings with Webb... i see them doing a few crazy plays with him lined up at WR and setting in motion and then getting a toss and passing it...
look at freeman, palmer, rivers, weeden, cutler, sanchez, henne, gabbert, foles, quinn, kolb, skelton... tons of bland qb's with the capacity to do decent, but really aren't ever going to be great. there are only so many Bree's, rodgers, brady's and mannings to be had in one league at any given time.
especially with this cap moving a lot slower over the next few years, i can really see teams like the cards, bills, jags, start gearing towards a qb committee as an advantage to keep defenses on their toes.
Would you feel completely comfortable going up against a team with two completely different starting qb's? how does that mess with your strategy and preparation?