So I decided building a PC is cheaper ... a question?

Then I think you're good to go with this setup. Should be a nice rig; let us know how it turns out!

I don't know what case fans you were looking at, but all Rosewill fans are 25% off until 11:59PST tomorrow night at Newegg: EMCXRVT93

BTW, I looked at that MSI card you're talking about (I assumed you're looking at the 670 now with the price you quoted). It looks to have a nice cooling setup. Good choice. :9:

Will do as stuff arrives. Got case in one day via FedEx but remaining items will come after the Monday holiday. Looking forward to assembling everything since my current Core 2 duo MSI build is fixing to be 6 years old. And with the original OEM install of Vista 64 x86.

I had seen that email. I've been partial to SilenX over the years. Extremely low db at high CFM's.

It actually is the MSI 680 but I quoted the wrong price. It was $423 via amazon for about 4 hours during the time the news of the Nvidia 780 was being talked up.