PFF: Analysis on QB's vs Pressure from different spots

Some interesting stuff. They collected their info from 2008-2012 and looked at how QB's performed vs pressure, and pressure from certain spots (LT, LG, C, RG, RT).

Some tidbits:

- When facing no Pressure, Drew Brees is the highest rated QB among all QB's over that timespan. Posting a 72.6% completion, 177 TD's to 56 INT's. Not much of a news flash here. You give Drew Brees or any good qb for that matter time in the pocket, they will destroy you. The good news here is Drew Brees has been the best.

- Drew doesnt rank in the top 15 when pressured. Aaron Rodgers is #1 vs pressure. Quite honestly, his stats dont change much vs or not vs pressure. Dude just deadly.

- Brees ranks 3rd amongst QB's when facting pressure from the left tackle. This goes along with what we've been saying, Drew makes the LT look good. Amazingly, for Brees left tackle pressure led to a sack only 7.3 percent of the time, far below the league average (in comparison, Rodgers was sacked 25% of the time when facing pressure from the LT spot). This is why we didnt pay Bushrod the big bucks.

- Not suprisingly, when pressured from the center, Brees ranks amongst the worst, along with guys like Tom Brady and Romo. Not a news flash here either. Every one knows if you want to hurt the Saints passing game you need to get gut pressure. This is why traditional 3-4 teams have given us problems over the years. The good news is he's only faced pressure from the center on 55 dropbacks over that 4 years timespan. Our middle is very solid. This is why we invest so much money in the guard position. But I find it interesting we dont invest much into the center position. I wonder why?

Just some data to chew on during this slow off season.

because a C will usually work in tandem w/ Guard. So it makes sense not to break the bank on a C, if you have 2 Gs that are well above average.