CNN talks about 790 the zone shock jocks taking shots at Gleason.

Does anyone have a transcript or recording of the actual broadcast? I'd like to hear it and know what the scumbags said.

Transcript of Atlanta radio show segment mocking Steve Gleason's ALS affliction

In an audio obtained by New Orleans radio station 106.1-FM, the segment opened by discussing Gleason, who is battling the debilitating disease that attacks motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord, atrophying the muscles and eventually causing paralysis. Gleason wrote a guest column in Sports Illustrated on Monday with his eyes, as he is no longer able to move or talk due to the progression of his disease.

"Is he doing like, a media tour?," one of the hosts asked.

"I'm not really sure," another responded. "I know he did this. Joining us right now, Steve Gleason."

Someone posing as Gleason "called" into the show, pausing to breathe heavily before asking Steak Shapiro how his daughter Nola was doing.

"Nola's great, we had a great Father's Day yesterday," Shapiro responded. "Are you listening in New Orleans?"

"I am," the voice responded. "Chris, how was the Jersey Shore?"