Michael J. Fox talks about campaign/Rush

Dave, what you jsut described is what we see in some political ads these days and maybe the past 10-20 years, its called telling the truth convenient to your cause and leaving out the rest. You know I was having an argument with some people tonight about a few political issues and some guys told me that Governor Blanco was a scapegoat painted by the media during Katrina and that really she had no blame it in all compared with Bush and Nagin, in fact it was pure BS on their part. One guy went as far to say that Blanco coudlnt have done anything to help the problem out better, I then realized he was letting his biases dictate the facts. I mean at the college I go too you have a lot of liberals that tell you the best version of their truth according to them and then leave out the rest becuase it may bring some doubt to their argument their trying to tell you.

Its goes both ways, I dont say this as some right wing conservative, I say this becuase some people can craft an argument that seems flawless and good but leave out some important facts that may hurt their argument overall.
It annoys me quite frankly, to be perfectly honest.