Baseball's Over!! Finally!!!

The announcers were great, no kidding. One time they started talking about how the hot hitter might now make them pay for their bad right fielder, then boom, a dropped ball followed by a homerun. A couple innings later it is questioned why the Cardinals don't susbtiute at right field for defense, 5 minutes later the guy is dropping another ball.

...Wah WAH wah wah wah wah..... I'm sorry, guys, but all your baseball talk just sounds like that teacher on Charlie Brown. It's an asisnine sport where, in general (though not this year), the team who spends the most money gets the best players and wins the title- where's the fun in that?? One of the many reasons that the NFL is great is because a team from a small market like Green Bay, Buffalo or NOLA has the same chance of going all the way in any year as a team from NYC, Chicago or San Fran. That's the beauty of the NFL, and to function any other way is illegitimate.