Drew Brees to be on Rome!!!

Rome asked him why we're losing. He answered that its just about facing adversity. Rome asked if its must win. Brees answered its about as close as you can come to one. Rome asked why he came here. Brees answered he had a calling. Rome asked if he would trade all of the stats for another win. I didn't hear the answer. Rome asked about the transition from one team to another. Brees answered that he took the mental approach that everythings going to work out and everything happens for a reason and how he loves it here and feels welcome here. Rome asked about the Chargers letting him go and he answered that things worked out for both of them and he had an opportunity to be the part of the resurgence of the team and the community which is a once in a lifetime opportunity. He answered about Rivers that he's happy for him and how hard he works and they have mutual respect and are happy for each other. About working with Sean Payton- he's been awsome and likes his version of the west coast and the way that he teaches and that he's a lot of fun to be around. For coach of the week- Marty shottenheimer is a candidate and Rome asked if he would vote for him and Brees said he loves Marty and would ask people to vote for him at NFL.com