Baseball's Over!! Finally!!!

It's an asisnine sport where, in general (though not this year), the team who spends the most money gets the best players and wins the title- where's the fun in that??

Well it can be said that isnt the case the past few years, winners and payroll ranking....

2006 Cardinals (11th)
2005 White Sox (13th)
2004 RedSox (2nd)
2003 Marlins (25th)
2002 Angels (15th)
2001 Diamond Backs (8th)

and the Yankee's had there Dominace a for a few years prior. I think recently the Yankee's have showed everyone that money cant buy everything (and Im a Yankee fan). IMHO baseball has even seemed better the last few years because you really dont know what team is going to make it. I mean who really saw the Tigers in the WS this year?