Michael J. Fox talks about campaign/Rush

That's not even CLOSE to being funny. There is NOTHING funny about his or anyone else's situation with this disease. I, for one, have a minor simptom called Essential Tremors. It could someday evolve into Parkinson's, but I hope and pray to God not. I, am also a Republican by belief. However, no faction is perfect, and neither is any belief. Think about it before you respond. Don't just go with what everyone else thinks. How would you feel if you were in that position? I can tell you first hand that it's not nice. I get teased for it everyday. Even though there's nothing I can do, and no medicine to control it.

If you knew me, you would know that I can laugh about almost anything... there's a big difference between laughing about something and laughing at someone.
I've got a million things wrong in my life and my family that I don't mind making a quick joke here and there about. It helps to not make it worse than it really is.