Leaving Iraq, Honorably

dapperdan, unfortunately my mentioning of Halliburton has nothing to do with their earning capabilities or lack there of. My comments dealt with leaving with honor and Halliburton's' role back several years ago. This is what sticks with me most.

Halliburton came under fire in the early '90s for supplying Libya and Iraq with oil drilling equipment which could be used to detonate nuclear weapons. Halliburton Logging Services, a former subsidiary, was charged with shipping six pulse neutron generators through Italy to Libya. In 1995, the company pled guilty to criminal charges that it violated the U.S. ban on exports to Libya. Halliburton was fined $1.2 million and will pay $2.61 million in civil penalties.

$2.61 million, a drop in the bucket.

As you well know Cheney was highly involved with Halliburton and maybe still. But this is turning out that we won't get our greedy little hands on the oil. So it's time to leave, honor or no honor.