Leaving Iraq, Honorably

Dapper, chill on the stiffness. There is nothing logical about my second to last statement. Believe it or not, many in this country believe this war was started to control the oil by way of Sadam Hussien. We've missed our chance. When we got Sadam, we should have come home then., hindsight right.

Maybe you should ask someone else your concerns such as 'the last time we confiscated another nation's oil, I don't know, do you? For all I know we might be taking some oil right now. I hope we do pay for the oil we purchase.

What is this geopolitical strategy stuff? Was it geopolitical strategy that we left Korea, and Vietnam? I don't know. If it was, I guess it's pass time for some geopolitical strategy for Iraq.

We're in a war because of mis-information and it appears that we're too proud to be wrong.

Not one more soldiers life is worth the pursuit of this endeavor.