Leaving Iraq, Honorably

The down-sizing of the military in favor of hiring contractors for the sake of not having to pay military retirements and benefits is perhaps the greatest bait-and-switch move Congress has ever pulled.

Started under Carter.
Gained steam under Reagan.
Hit stride under Bush I.
Hit its zenith under Clinton.
Fallout and fingerpointing under Bush.

You want to gripe about Halliburton?

Where were you when they were cutting those military jobs to the bone under the guise of Reduction In Force (RIF), the Peace Dividend, Leader and Meaner?

Where were you when all the base closures were taking place?

Didn't you wonder where all the troops that used to occupy those bases went to?

So, now that Congress and five different administrations have made the situation ripe for a Halliburton, now you want to complain?

Gimme a break.